Want to become a counselor?


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Junior Camp Counselors: (what we are looking for)

*Ability to aid counselors and other staff during activities, this means we are looking for you to be an active part of all camp life. i.e. Hiking, games, crafts, free time, talent show, camp fire activities, play practice, morning prayer, lessons, etc.

* Responsible for promoting a positive healthy environment for the campers and practice personal leadership skills

* Must be interested in working with youth in a group living situation.

* Able to communicate effectively with campers and staff.

* Be at least 16 years of age.

* Mentoring by example - words, appearance, actions and demeanor should reflect those of a Christian role model. The Camp Counselor is expected to lead his/her assigned campers through example, encouragement, and guidance in behaving in a Christ-like manner.

*Show the virtues of patience, compassion and selflessness.

*Be present and on-time for all activities and prayer services, (unless excused by senior staff).

*Expected to adhere to the basic standards of behavior that are appropriate to the values of the Church. As campers are required to exercise modesty in their choice of attire, Camp Counselors are expected to set an appropriate example.

*Staff members are to refrain from any inappropriate touching, kissing or hugging with any campers (or other staff members).

*Need to have good moral character, patience and a high level of maturity.

***YOU ARE A ROLE MODEL- The most important aspect of being a junior camp counselor is that you are a role model for the campers!!! Campers are watching everything you say and do. It is very important that every minute you are visible to the campers that you demonstrate the qualities of a good Christian. Fairness, sense of humor, no favorites, no obscene language or gestures, a sense of fun and adventure, are all examples of the qualities you should be displaying.